10 Ways to Start a Conversation with anyone

1. Compliment: “That [item of clothing] looks great! Where did you get it?” 

2. Common Ground: “I’m really interested in [topic] too. What are your thoughts on it?” 

3. Observation: “You seem to be really good at [activity]. How did you get started with that?” 

4. Current Events: “Have you heard about [recent news or event]? What do you think about it?” 

5. Introduction: “Hi, I’m [your name]. What brings you here today?” 

6. Question about Surroundings: “Isn’t this place interesting? Have you been here before?” 

7. Humor: “I couldn’t help but laugh at [situation]. Have you ever experienced something like that?” 

8. Shared Experience: “I just tried [activity]. It was amazing/funny/interesting! Have you ever done something like that?” 

9. Opinion Seeker: “I’m curious to get your opinion on [topic]. What do you think about it?” 

10. Food or Drink Inquiry: “Any recommendations on what to order/drink?”