1. Always speak your mind.

2. Show as you feel.

3. Carry no baggage or remorse.

4. Don't drag the past into the present

5. Make appreciation a habit.

6. Expect less, accept more.

7. Start and end each day on a positive note.

8. Stay emotionally detached from people with constant sob stories or people who complain and criticize a lot.

9. See a bad experience as an opportunity to turn wiser and don't keep reliving the experience by going over it again and again.

10. Make sure your mind isn't racing all the time. Slow down thinking and enjoy short spells of inner silence.

11. Avoid being reactive. Pause, breathe and drink a glass of water, should sudden reactivity overpower you.

12. Don't invest your time, attention and emotions on any kind of negative information.

13. Make acts of kindness and compassion a priority.

14. Dwell in the lighter side of life...be humourous and funny

15. Sleep well.