Exploring Peepal's Potential for Better Health

Peepal is beneficial for health:- For removing bile (pitt) and increasing strength:

Murabba made of soft Pepal leaves gives great strength. Its consumption cures many types of heat-related diseases of the body. It cleanses the kidneys. Urine comes freely. 

Burning sensation in the eyes caused by bile (pitt) is cured. It is beneficial in uterine and menstrual diseases. Its consumption removes the risk of abortion. 

To strengthen the heart: Taking 10-12 grams of soft Pepal leaves juice and a quarter spoon of powdered sugar candy in the morning and evening strengthens the heart and prevents heart attack 

Pepal leaves should not be plucked like this. First bow to the Pepal deity and say, ‘Maharaj! We take your service for medicine, please be kind’. Pepal should not be cut. It has Satvik divinity. 

Method of intake Take 10-10 grams with milk in the morning and evening. 

Method of making Murabba: Wash 250 grams of red soft Pepal leaves with water and boil them, then grind them and mix equal quantity of sugar candy and 50 grams of Desi Cow Ghee in it and bake on low flame. 

When it thickens, cool it and keep it safely in a clean vessel (glass jar is best).