Importance of jewellery in Sanatan Dharma


According to Ayurveda, wearing gold on the parts below the waist is prohibited.

Ring: An unadulterated gold ring is worn to develop energy, relieve mental stress, gain control over genitals, control sex drive and strengthen the digestive system

Indian culture ear-piercing also has a special importance. Physicians and Indian philosophers believe that ear piercing develops intelligence, thinking power and decision-making power

Necklaces made of various gems and metals are beneficial in controlling many diseases. They have a good effect on the thyroid gland and the respiratory system.

The bracelet keeps control over the genitals and balances the sex drive and strengthens the heart. Controls blood pressure.

Armband: This develops the qualities of bravery and keeps the body shapely. It keeps the digestive system organized and protects against allergies.

 Girdle: It increases the efficiency of kidney and bladder by awakening the Muladhar center and gives relief in back pain etc.

Pure silver bracelet or thick anklet worn on the feet prevents the burning sensation in the soles of the feet.(2) Protects from heel swelling.(3) Keeps the circulation of blood organized.

The energies flowing in the brain pass through the brow ridges. This energy is protected by applying Tilak between both the eyebrows (like Hindus apply)