Powerful Remedy to Increase Immunity

Pranayam in the pure air of the morning, due to increase in life force, immunity increases and many disease-causing bacteria die from it.

Meditation practices increased melatonin levels by an average of 98%.  In some or the other it increased by more than 300%.

There is no diet like happiness, there is no disease like worry laughter has the best effect on all diseases..

Meditation and chanting are beneficial in many diseases.  This reduces the need for medicinal treatments.

Tomatoes, cauliflower, oregano and oranges increase the immunity power, so use them in food.

Do mental counting (up to 54 and 108 without forgetting in between) or Ajpajap along with chanting God's name of the breath

Sunrays have wonderful anti-disease power. and sitting facing the sun for 8-10 minutes.

There must be 1-2 plants of Tulsi in the house.  Other medicines destroy germs, but the air of Tulsi does not allow germs to be born