Things to learn from Radha Krishna's Love 


1. Love No Matter What: Radha and Krishna's love teaches us that you can love someone deeply without any restrictions. It's okay to love just because you feel it.

2. Love is Like a Special Connection:  Their love story tells us that love isn't just about hugs and kisses. It can be like a special connection that goes beyond what we can see.

3. Being Kind and Giving:  Radha showed us that it's cool to be kind and give without wanting something back. You can care for someone just because you care.

4. Talking About Feelings: They were really good at talking about how they felt. It's like sharing your thoughts and feelings can make your love stronger.

5. Not Giving Up: Even when things got tough, Radha and Krishna didn't give up on each other. It's like saying "I'll stick with you no matter what."

6. Different But Still Awesome: Radha and Krishna were different, but it worked out great. It's cool to be different from someone and still get along.

7. Dancing and Doing Fun Stuff: Krishna loved to dance and have fun. Doing fun stuff together can make your relationship strong and happy.

8. Really, Really Liking Someone: Radha really, really liked Krishna. It's like saying, "I really, really like you a lot" to someone special.

9. Staying Strong Together: Even when times were hard, Radha and Krishna stayed strong. It's like saying, "We can get through tough times if we stick together."

10. Playing and Joking: Krishna liked to play and joke around. Having fun together and making jokes can make love feel light and happy.