Truth of life according to Lord  Shiva 

– Do your karma without anticipating the end result.

Live according to Dharma

– Be with people, but detached ( you see Shiva as the Adi Yogi always in deep meditation, in the next instance you see Him as Shankara , the family man).

Have control over your desires. ( in the same way, How Shiva destroyed the lust opening his third eye)

Don't be always back of materialistic things, since they are perishable.

The beautiful physical body , which we always boast of , will turn into a heap of ash one day ( that is why the Bhasmanga_raya Shiva smears ash on his body )

 No expectations, no comparisons and be content with life.

Keep the negativity in your throat like Shiva , and evolve positively in your life.

Connect to your inner self ( Shiva ) through meditation.