12 divine qualities of Sita ji that make life successful

One should be simple and pleasant, should not be a slave to artificiality (fashion). 

Modesty means humility. Modesty is the ornament of a woman.  

Sita ji used to speak in essence, spoke the truth, used to give respect to others 

The fourth virtue was aryata (virtue). Don’t let the filth of others women  enter your mind or behavior.  

The fifth virtue was Dharma-observance. Sita ji used to conduct festivals according to the date and cook food etc. at home. 

The sixth virtue was chastity (pativratya)

The seventh virtue was persistence

The eighth virtue is courage

Mangalgan was the ninth virtue :  Sita mata endured all the hardships, adversities, yet never complained to Ram ji. 

The tenth virtue of a woman is work efficient : she used to do all works with utmost care, enthusiasm and efficiency. 

The eleventh virtue is love and affection for the husband. Sita Mata knew Ram ji in the form of love, in the form of Brahma.  

The twelfth virtue is – sweet, humble words. Sita ji used to behave lovingly with all the family members, without being upset.