15 Important things to follow during Khagras Lunar Eclipse

  There is Khagras lunar eclipse on 8th November 2022, Kartik Purnima.
  The eclipse will be visible all over India.  Apart from India, the eclipse will also be visible in Asia, Australia, the Pacific region, and North and Central America.
  Where the eclipse will be visible, there are rules to be followed.

15 Important things to follow during Khagras Lunar Eclipse

  Important things related to the lunar eclipse

  Chanting and meditating with restraint at the time of lunar eclipse gives manifold results.  At that time, the best seeker should fast after touching Brahmi Ghrita (5 to 10 grams {one or two spoons}) after doing eight thousand chants of the mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya”.  ), attains poetic power and speech accomplishment.

  Patient from sleeping at the time of the eclipse, poor due to short-sightedness, worm due to defecation, boar due to female affair, and leprosy by applying rubbish.  A pregnant woman should be very careful during the eclipse.

  In a lunar eclipse, one should not eat four prahars (09 hours) before the eclipse.  Old people, children, and patients can eat one and a half prahar (four and a half hours) before.

  A person who eats food at the time of the eclipse stays in hell for as many years as the grains of food he eats.

  Before steak, put kusha, sesame, or basil leaves in water so that they can be used during sugar period.  The water kept during the eclipse should not be used after the eclipse, but those who are not able to do so can use the water kept by putting Kusha, etc. as above.

  The substances in which Kush or Tulsi leaves are put before the eclipse, those substances do not get contaminated.  After discarding the cooked food, it should be prepared by adding cow, dog, and new food.

At the beginning of the eclipse with, water mixed with til or Kush should also be used only in urgent circumstances and food or water should not be taken till the end of the eclipse.

  On completion of the eclipse, after bathing, after seeing the pure image of the Sun or the moon, the person who has the eclipse, should be offered food after offering Arghya.

  For the purification of the clothes etc. touched during the eclipse period, they should be washed later and one should also take bath with clothes.  Women can take bath even without washing their heads.

  No mantra should be uttered during the eclipse bath.  In the bath of the eclipse, water is colder than hot water, even in cold water drawn with one’s own hand than water drawn from another’s hand, filled in the ground then taken out, flowing as compared to filled, (ordinary) flowing  The water of the lake is considered more sacred than the lake, of the river as compared to the lake, of the Ganges as compared to other rivers, and of the ocean as compared to the Ganges.

  Grass to cows, food to birds, clothes to the needy during the eclipse gives manifold virtues.

  Leaves, straw, wood, and flowers should not be plucked on the day of the eclipse.  Hair and clothes should not be squeezed and teeth should not be brushed.

  Opening the lock at the time of eclipse, sleeping, giving up stool and urine, sex, and eating – all these activities are prohibited.

  No auspicious and new work should be started at the time of the eclipse.

  Lord Ved Vyasji has said the most beneficial words – “From a typical day to a lunar eclipse, the virtuous deeds (jap, meditation, charity, etc.) are one lakh times.  If the Ganges water is nearby, then one crore times the result of a lunar eclipse is beneficial.

  One must chant Gurumantra, Ishta-mantra, or Lord’s name at the time of the eclipse, if the mantra is not chanted, the mantra gets defilement.
  The clothes, posture, and garland used during the eclipse should be washed in the Ganges water after the Gomukhi eclipse is over.

  By eating the food of others on the occasion of the eclipse, all the merit accumulated for twelve years is destroyed.

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