How to find purpose in life | जीवन में उद्देश्य कैसे खोजें

How to find purpose in life

Having a purpose in life makes it meaningful. You cannot enjoy life without purpose. A man without purpose is like an animal who only knows how to eat, rest and sleep.

जीवन में एक उद्देश्य होने से यह सार्थक हो जाता है। आप बिना उद्देश्य के जीवन का आनंद नहीं ले सकते। बिना उद्देश्य का मनुष्य एक जानवर की तरह है जो केवल खाना, आराम करना और सोना जानता है।

How to find purpose in life
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Every person born in this world definitely has some purpose in life, the only thing that remains is to know it. Having a purpose in your life is proof of your survival. You get something to travel for, to achieve and you are ready to do anything to achieve it.

Now comes the question of how to know the purpose of your life. You have to ask yourself what are the things that make you happy, what do you like doing, what gives you peace.

When you get all these things by doing your work, then understand that work is the purpose of your life, you move forward with it. Only you can decide the purpose of your life, so if someone comes and says that you should do this thing, it is right for you, so it does not mean that you should start doing that thing.

You should also listen to your people, they may be telling you something true about your purpose, after that think to yourself, is this the right thing to do will doing it.

If the sound from your heart is yes then understand that this thing is best for you and start doing it, in the end this will be the purpose of your life.

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