Semicon India Policy: A great opportunity

Semicon India Policy: A great opportunity
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Why are semiconductors important to India ?

Semiconductors are a vital component of modern technologies including automobiles, electronic devices, watches and even in medical devices. It is employed in the manufacturing of various electronic devices including diodes, transistors and integrated circuits.

Why is India interested in this industry?

Today India is in the top 5 economy rich countries in the world. The demand for electronic devices is increasing day by day in India. And India is dependent on other countries to meet these demands. And for this, India invests 3.7 trillion Indian Rupees every year. That’s too much money. To save this expenditure and to reduce dependence on other countries. The Government of India, is investing in this industry and making various policies.

What is the semiconductor policy in India?

The Government of India announced the semiconductor scheme with a budget of Rs 76000 crores in december 2021 and received some reliable proposals by mid-February including a joint venture of vedanta-foxconn for 28nm technology nodes and the display manufacturing unit to generate generation 8 display. Which is widely used as a smartphone or smart display.

Why are semiconductors so necessary for the world?

There are only a few such countries in the whole world that make semiconductors, some of which are America, Israel, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and South Korea. In that too, only South Korea and Taiwan alone capture 63 percent of the semiconductor market. But at the time of Pandemic, when all the chip making companies stopped their production, then there was a shortage of semiconductor chips in all the countries. Then the demand for chips increased in all the countries, which even the companies of all the countries manufacturing semiconductors were not able to fulfill. This was the time when the presidents of the whole countries understood the importance of semiconductor conductors and made various policies for semiconductors, out of which India is one of them.

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How chips are made and how India will make them?

Two processes are required to make semiconductors, which is chip designing which happens in computers and machines working in which machine makes chips. Countries like India and Israel already do chip designing very well and at a mass level. So India only needs machinery which after designing the chips and doing direct manufacturing and for this, semiconductor chip manufacturing in Gujarat state of India.

What will happen in India after achieving the target in the semiconductor industry?

Once a semiconductor factory is set up in India, India will become self-reliant in semiconductor production Due to this, India will also lead in space technology and due to all these things, India has got an edge from which It can attract to other countries who invest in India.

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