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Exam fear: a major problem

Exam fear

Exam fear is a natural thing that happens in all people, we do not need to worry about it. Nowadays, students are very stressed about the exam, they do not see it as a simple process, the way to move forward.

But they have to understand that such exams do not just show their ability, they should give it honestly considering it as a part of school or college. And it is for their academic excellence nothing more than that. Our society has made such a belief that the child who gives the exam well, who gets good marks in the exam, only they have the ability.

Why do you think that the child is not getting good marks in the exam, that means his life is over, now he cannot do anything in life, This mentality again affects the mind of the children and children become victims of depression and take wrong steps. Both teachers and parents should make sure that you will support your child no matter what happens and let them know that

A piece of paper cannot decide his life, it is just to give him a little edge in his life so that he thinks himself above others And it inspires him to keep working like this. When there is too much pressure on the children, then they start considering themselves helpless and cannot take any decision, they do not understand what to do next.

By hiding this thing within themselves, they keep on bearing that pressure.Now here the teacher or parents will have to become a friend of the child and talk to him so that he can understand the problems inside them and tell the solution regarding their problems. You must have heard on the social media and in the news that the student committed suicide.

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They commit suicide because they consider the piece of paper as the basis of their life and understand that if they could not get good marks, then there is no point in their life. Now it is a matter of how to remove all these things like exam fear, depression, tension from inside the children. We have to create awareness, children have to learn good moral values.

Along with marks, one has to work on their skills and qualities. It often happens that the child is not taking marks well and the fear of the exam is also very high in him but his skill is very good. Then at that time we should work on his skill, we should give importance to his skill and not to his marks.

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