Habits a way of success in life

Habits a way of success in life
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Success is the product of daily habits not once in a lifetime transformations. Have you ever wondered how habits affect our lives? Today we will talk about this topic.

There are many habits in our life. Some of them are good and some bad, habits show us the way to progress in life. And bad habits keep us from achieving success. Habits are good or bad, it depends on your company,if your company is good then you will learn good habits and if your company is bad then you will learn bad habits. Today people do not even know that their habits are getting worse, they consider themselves good and look for evil in others.

Importance of Parents in Life

Parents are the first gurus in our life who teach us the difference between good and bad things, and instill good values in us. And when we grow up, we are influenced by the outside world, we see good things as well as bad things. Then in this time the rites taught by our parents are useful, if the man has not forgotten his sanskars, then he will choose a good path and if he has forgotten his values, then bad habits will catch him. So always take care that you do not forget your sanskar, it will keep you connected with your good habits.

Understand Reading Story

Now let me tell you a small story on this thing. There was a school in which two friends Ram and Rohit studied, both of them had a very good friendship. They used to play together, go to school, do everything together But whenever there was an exam, Ram used to come first in class and Rohit used to fail. One day Rohit asked Ram, brother, both of us live together, we are good friends, but you always come first and I always fail, why …

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Then Ram replied,See, when the school ends, I go home, I do the school-taught revise, I eat satvik food, I do worship and night. I do pooja and wake up early in the morning and do self study. And on the other hand you hang out with your vagabond friends after school and smoke and eat gutka. And then even after going home, you do not do self-study, do not revise the school taught and sleep till late night after watching TV. And wake up late in the morning, that’s the only reason you have got bad habits and you fail in every exam.

Learning from Story

Then Rohit realized his mistake and he again started studying with Ram after finishing school and also learned good habits from him, Due to this Rohit also started passing with good numbers in the class. So you have to see what is the importance of good habits in our life and how bad habits make our life painful. That is why you should always be alert in your life about how your company is and move ahead after thinking.

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