Non-fictional Knowledge: Life Virtues

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Non fictional Knowledge: love virtues

Knowledge has no limitations

People say that Knowledge has limitations. But they don’t know it’s never too late to learn.

What is learning?

Have you asked this question yourself? Studying to earn money and make our livelihood better. Is this the reason behind the study? No… The industry made the Education-business in which they took too much money from a child and didn’t teach properly so that the child can’t succeed in the exam or papers as well as life.

Lesson of Life

They don’t think about the holistic development of the children. They only give the lesson for exams. They don’t give the children the lesson of life. In life, only success is not important. If the children don’t know how to evaluate their thoughts and their nature in real life. The real evaluation of a child is that he thinks about others he cares about others and he respects others. For this type of virtue, we have to give proper knowledge instead of books and marks. If they learn the virtues of life which are important to surviving in society then they will succeed everywhere in school as well as in life.

Non-fictional Knowledge: Life Virtues

Types of Education

There are two types of education. One is spiritual and another is temporal. Both are necessary for a student’s life to play a key role in success and thoughts. Temporal education is given by every school’s college and university but no one is giving spiritual knowledge because they don’t know itself. I am talking about India not other countries because spiritual knowledge is only available in India since ancient times. Our Saints and Rishi Munis know this knowledge very well. So in ancient times, we were called ‘Vishwaguru‘. This is the need of the time to teach spiritual knowledge to our children.

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Real Knowledge

Spiritual knowledge

Some People don’t know about spiritual knowledge. In spiritual knowledge, children are taught to learn Vedic maths, Vedic Mantras, yoga, pranayam, and holistic books such as Vedas, Upanishad, Gita, etc. So that their mind can handle the burden of their life easily. In the early 90s people thought only the upper class could take higher education but today there are not any restrictions so everyone can take education and make their life happy.

Real Knowledge

Best Knowledge of Life

I don’t challenge learning because it is a necessary part of our life. But I challenge the system behind education they are taking too much money and not giving the best knowledge of life. If everyone is happy to get a temporal education then why student do suicide after qualifying exams because there is a lack of thought, soft skills, virtues, etc. And It can be only solved by giving spiritual knowledge. So that the Students imply in their life and live happily by achieving their goals.

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