Celibacy: Mandatory in life

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Semen is very important in our life, you do not know how much power is hidden in a drop of semen. But today’s youth waste their precious semen due to dirty habits. They have to understand its importance and for this they have to follow celibacy.

All our ancestors knew the benefits of celibacy, as a result of which they became great and they are still remembered and their saga is narrated. There are many powers hidden in our body but due to lack of knowledge we do not know its importance. But in the olden times, our ancestors understood its importance, only then they used to do impossible tasks. Somewhere you must have seen such a person whose face is seen with a slightly different glow, then you should understand that this is the glory of celibacy.

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Now you will say that the glow on the face is also achieved by beauty creams, so you understand that I am not talking about the glow of that cream powder. I know nowadays a black man can make himself look fair with beauty products but I am talking about an aura which is seen without makeup. All the stories we have heard in our childhood about the bravery of Bhishma Pitamah, Hanuman ji and Arjun, you know what was common among them.

Celibacy, these three were celibate and among them Bhishma Pitamah and Hanumanji were Akhand Brahmacharis. Akhand Brahmacharis is said to be one who lives alone whole life, and does not marry anyone. Now you will say that Arjun was married then how did he become celibate? First you should understand that celibacy does not mean that living alone in life does not marry anyone.

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The real meaning of Brahmachari is that no matter how we are in the state, whether you are married or not, if you live a life of restraint, away from bad habits then you are called celibate. Now let’s talk about how to follow celibacy, nothing much has to be done in this, you just have to keep your senses under control. And adopt control in your life. Our senses wander a lot even with food and drink, so take care of what you are eating, and try to mostly eat self-truthful foods and stay away from oily food.

Your body will become very weak if semen is misplaced, you will become lethargic, the glow of the face will end and you may not even have children. On the other hand, if you follow celibacy well, it has many benefits. By following celibacy, your memory power increases, your intellect becomes sharp, the body becomes strong, the glow of the face increases. And your resolve power increases, that means whatever you decide, it will happen.

There will be many difficulties in life, but if you want to tackle it, then celibacy is necessary.

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