Becoming a seeker: Its meaning and significance

Becoming a seeker

1. Becoming a seeker means to give up one’s desires, lusts, laziness and bad character, to destroy one’s ego for the sake of God and to increase the love of God, to make full efforts to achieve a higher goal.

2. If the aim is made high then there is no place for alternative in it.  The work of thousands of births has to be done in one birth, the sanskars of thousands of births have to be destroyed in this birth, the evil desires of thousands of births have to be destroyed in this very birth.

3. The seeker should serve with readiness and honesty.  If he does service with honesty and truthfulness, then his service will also become spiritual practice.  The one who serves with readiness, it automatically comes to him how he should behave with whom.  For example, we do the work of our shop or house with promptness, even more than that, if there is promptness at the place of service, then understand that it is an honest service.

4. If you get service by saving time from job, business, then do service, otherwise meditate, chant.  Don’t waste your time.

5. God is the form of truth.  One who lives truthfully, serves truthfully and meditates truthfully, only he can walk firmly on the path of God.

Gaumata Rashtramata

gaumata rastramata

Keeping jaggery in your palm, mother cow should be licked with her tongue. By licking the jaggery kept on the palm of mother cow’s tongue, a person’s sleeping fate line opens. Lord Krishna loved cows very much, so whoever serves mother cow, he definitely gets the blessings of Shri Krishna.


How to remain peaceful always ?

Here is a progressive ladder explained in Bhagavad Gita in Chapter 2 and Chapter 5.

Chapter 2 verses Bhagavad Gita 2.66 and 2.77 explains that the level of happiness is inversely proportional to the number of desires  to enjoy we posses. If we do not stop the unlimited flow of desires flowing in our mind, it is very difficult to remain peaceful. But does that mean that we become desireless ??. Ans is no , we cannot completely stop desires . Desires will be there but that desires we have to align with the Supreme .

How to do that ?

Krishna explains in Chapter 5 ( 5.12 and 5.29) . Understand the position of the supreme (Krishna) that he is the ultimate  benefactor of all our Karma and he is the best well wisher for us. When we aligned our Karma according to Bhagavan Krishna and offer it’s results to him considering his position . We can always remain peaceful . It starts with controlling desires.

What is the practical tips to control desires. Engage our passion, talent and energy in service to the supreme. Desires to enjoy self will gradually go down and we can always be peaceful and satisfied ❤️To summarise this in simple meaning .. Although This is little technical.
I have kept whatever it is in Bhagavad Gita without adding my own things. In simple meaning ..

1. First we should limit our desires (desires of enjoyment, good desires are allowed) that much we can be peaceful that means Simple living and high thinking.

2. And further stage is to align ourselves with the supreme and offer the results like using our money , name, fame in service to Supreme.

3. And third is the highest stage that is to understand Supreme position completely that he is the only enjoyer and work accordingly.

who is in the heart
dare to tell him
keep it
and the hearts of others
is in
ability to understand
keep it
relationship never
Will break..
- Jai Shree Krishna

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