Powerful Remedy to Increase Immunity

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 Remedy to Increase Immunity, The germs present in the environment always attack the body.  When the body’s immunity is low, then diseases surround it.  If you do the following measures as suggested by Pujya Bapuji, your body, mind and soul will be strong and your immunity will be strong.

Powerful Remedy to Increase Immunity

  1] People who do pranayama in the pure air of the morning, due to increase in life force, immunity increases and many disease-causing bacteria die from it.  Those who take deep breaths at the time of Pranayama and also apart from this, the inactive alveoli of their lungs start getting pranavayu and they become active.  As a result, the body’s ability to work increases, due to which the mind remains happy.

If one spoon i.e. 8-10 ml on cow-dung cakes or embers.  If you burn incense by adding drops of ghee, then a ton of powerful air is formed.  It cannot be described how much benefit can be taken if Pranayama is done in such an environment.  The stronger the air, the stronger will be the intellect, mind and health.

2] Sunrays have wonderful anti-disease power.  No doctor or any human remedy in the world can give such divine health and firmness of mind as the radiance hidden in the soft morning sun-rays.  Offering Arghya to the Sun early in the morning, taking a sun bath (covering the head with a cloth and sitting facing the Sun for 8 minutes and facing the Sun for 10 minutes) and doing Surya Namaskar makes the body strong and strong.

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Dr. Sole says: “There is no other thing in the world that has curative power as much as the sun.”

3] There must be 1-2 plants of Tulsi in the house.  Other medicines destroy germs, but the air of Tulsi does not allow germs to be born.  Tulsi plant has influence up to 200 friends all around.  The person who chews 5-7 basil leaves and drinks water in the morning, his memory power increases, celibacy becomes strongTulsi leaves have the power to cure hundreds of diseases.  Soaking a pinch of basil seeds in water overnight and drinking it in the morning will keep you long-lived and your vitality will be able and strong to ward off many diseases.

4] Do mental counting (up to 54 and 108 without forgetting in between) or Ajpajap along with chanting God’s name of the breath.

5] There is no diet like happiness, there is no disease like worry.  Laughter has the best effect on all diseases like medicine.  Chanting the Lord’s name with humor and feeling of God reduces disorders, increases the prasad of the mind and develops necessary abilities.  Recitation of Harinam, Ramnam and Omkar cures many diseases and increases immunity.  By chanting the Lord’s name at the beginning of the day with sattvik humor, you remain fresh and full of energy throughout the day, remain happy.  Humor also increases your confidence.

6] Neem leaves, fruits, flowers, branches, roots, these five things are mixed with desi ghee and incense is used in the house, then the patient gets instant relief, an anti-disease-enhancing environment is created.

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7] The bitterness of neem and cowpea (Ghritkumari) drives away many diseases.  Cucumber is also antibacterial and anti-toxic.  It is very useful in strengthening the immune system.

8] If you get pure Chyawanprash, then taking one spoon (10 grams) of it or one spoon of amla powder will strengthen the digestion power and increase it.  The immunity power will also increase.  [Take sugar free Chyawanprash with diabetes.]

Some more Remedies to Increase Immunity

1] Meditation and chanting are beneficial in many diseases.  This reduces the need for medicinal treatments.  A variety of sympathomimetic brain chemicals flood your nerve cells during meditation.  There is an increase in important chemicals like serotonin, GABA, melatonin etc.  Due to this, stress, depression, insomnia go away and joy, happiness etc. emerge easily in the mind.

Researchers at Rutgers University, New Jersey, found that meditation practices increased melatonin levels by an average of 98%.  In some or the other it increased by more than 300%.  The functions of melatonin are to reduce stress, sleep soundly, activate the immune system, protect against cancer and other physical and mental diseases.

2] Tomatoes, cauliflower, oregano and oranges increase the immunity power, so use them in food.  Use turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and coriander.  In view of the circumstances, add garlic in small quantities.

3] 150 ml  Boil half a teaspoon of turmeric in milk and take it 1-2 times a day.

4] Consumption of Pranada tablet, Brahm Rasayana, Homoeo Tulsi tablets, Tulsi extract (1 to 5 drops in 100 ml water according to age and nature), Homiy Power Care etc. is beneficial to increase the immunity power.

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