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How Sanatan Dharma gives employment to crores of people?

How Sanatan Dharma gives employment to crores of people?

There is a corrupt mentality hidden in this question. How Sanatan Dharma gives employment to crores of people?  But is the answer the same as what we are giving?

Recently I went to the temple with my family!  Before worship, took Prasad from the shop, and took a garland to offer.  We immediately had darshan, and the rest of the people were reciting worship with the law.

Out of curiosity, I started walking around the temple.  Look at every shop, every handcart, who is selling what.  Then everyone ate chaat at one place, jalebi at one place, then from a shop, women took items of makeup, etc., then came forward and everyone drank tea.  Then suddenly the attention came, this temple is giving employment to two to two and a half thousand people.  No company can do this work by investing a thousand crores.

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But more importantly.  To whom is the temple giving employment?  These are people who do not have a degree from any institution.  Not enough money to make a big investment.  The economy consists of people from the lower strata of society.

In Sanatan Dharma, temples give employment to crores of people.  How?

1.  They give employment to the sellers of religious books and those who print them.

2.  The bells, and conch shells to those who sell garlands, and those who sell worship items are given employment.

3.  They give garlands to florists and give employment to farmers.

 4.  Sculptures employ those who make and sell photographs.

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5.  Temples provide employment to those who make and sell offerings.

6.  They also provide employment to those who make and sell Kanwar.

7.  Poor people with rickshaws provide employment to rickshaws and auto drivers who take pilgrims to religious places.

8.  They also give employment to lakhs of priests.

9.  Temples run 18% of the railway’s economy.

10.  The small shops of the poor who are on the banks of the temples also get employment.

11.  Due to the temples, the family of the poor selling rings and gems also runs.

12.  Those who make diyas and urns because of temples
He also gets employment.

13.  Employment to those 65,000 mules from temples
It is found that the devotees take the devotees to the door of the Lord in the inaccessible mountains.

14.  Whatever hotels are more than two lakhs in India and
There are Dharamshala, and only the temples give employment to the people living in them.

15.  tilak makers sell coconut and vermilion etc.
These temples also give employment to the people.

16.  Temples also provide employment to those who make jaggery and chana.

17.  Millions of handicapped and beggars and orphan children get livelihood because of temples.

18.  Due to the temples, lakhs of apes are protected and snakes are saved from being killed.

19.  It is because of the temples that trees like Peepal-Banyan, Pilkhan, etc. are protected in Hinduism.

20.  Thousands of fairs are held every year because of the temple – the people who run the spinning wheel in the fairs also get employment.

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21.  Due to the temples, lakhs of tourists visit the temples, and all the poor who sell small tea-pakodas-tikkis also make a living.

Sanatan Dharma gives employment to crores of people who are poor.
Those who are not written much lying and who have money land
And not agriculture who became orphans in childhood.

Those who have none are their Ram.
His is Shyam, he is Shiva.
 This temple will last for several hundred years. Till then the employment will continue.

It is the center of social and religious upliftment.  If you look from the financial point of view, then the temple will get many benefits from its investment.
Providing thousands of jobs.

Maybe we didn’t see it because of our religious faith.  Our temples are very big permanent centers of economic distribution.

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