Healing Mantras, Sound Effects And Their Benefits”

Mantras have amazing power.  The recitation of each part of the mantra also has different effects on your body and mind.  Just as a stone thrown into the water produces waves, even more sensitive mantras have an effect on the nerves, the mind and the intellect and the environment.

Mantra Sound effects on our mind and body

Even now the scientists are stunned to know the glory of Indian mantra science.  Just like pressing the keys of a typewriter makes their spokes jump and the letters of the matchsticks printed on the paper as appropriate, so such and such chanting shows its own specific effect on your vitality.

Healing Mantras
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Sound effect of Mantras Words

The sound of words has an effect on different parts of the body and on the environment.  Many words are pronounced naturally.  At the time of laziness, there is a natural ‘Aa…aa...’.  At the time of the pain of the disease ‘ॐ.. ..’ is pronounced naturally as ‘Om…

If some letters are uttered after understanding their importance, then many diseases can be got rid of.

  The pronunciation of ‘A‘ has a good effect on the heart.

  Pronunciation of ‘aa‘ has a good effect on vitality, lungs, chest etc.  There is relief in cough, asthma, tuberculosis etc. Laziness is removed.

  The utterance of ‘E‘ removes phlegm and intestinal poison.  There is also great benefit in constipation, headache and heart diseases.  Its pronunciation is also very beneficial in eradicating apathy and anger.  After retiring from the throat, brain and bowels of the person who pronounces ‘E‘, these organs become clean and pure.

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  Headache, heart diseases, sadness, etc., are removed from the person who pronounces ‘E’.  The conscience of the person who has God in the mantra starts becoming divine.

  The pronunciation of ‘Oo‘ gives relief in pelvic pain.  It has a beneficial effect on the liver, stomach, intestines and pelvic part and is also beneficial in the disease of constipation.  Often the goddesses who have pelvic diseases, naturally ‘Om…Om...’ come out of their mouth, so their mother-in-law or mothers should not interrupt them, but say, ‘Say equal, say a lot.’  More than that the injection benefits, this natural sound helps in giving relief in pelvic diseases.

  Chanting of ‘O’ leads to the development of energy.

  Pronunciation of ‘Au’ has a good effect on the genitals.

  Mental powers develop by chanting ‘M’.  Perhaps that is why the sages of India would have preferred the word ‘mother’ for the birth mother.

Chanting ‘Om’ gives energy and develops mental powers.  There is a sattvik effect on the brain, stomach and subtle senses.

  By uttering ‘Hrau’, the problems of stomach disorders, constipation are removed.

  Chanting ‘Hreem’ has a good effect on the digestive system, throat and heart.

  Pronunciation of ‘Hram’ has good effect on stomach, liver, spleen, intestines and uterus.

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