8 Things Every Overthinker needs to know : ASAP

Here is the 8 things every Overthinker needs to know as soon as possible, overthinking is biggest cause unhappiness and many other problems.


1. The Problem is rarely a real problem

Almost 99% of problems in your head because of you and your thoughts.

And 1% of the harm is caused by reality, what actually happens and the outcome.

Most of the time, the problem isn’t the real problem. The way you think about the problem is.

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2. Avoid self-rejection.

Don’t think you really deserve that opportunity? Apply for it anyways.

Don’t think you can do it ? you can do it, believe in yourself.

Don’t think your article is good enough?
Publish it anyways.

Don’t think they will reply to your email? Just Send it anyways.

Never overthink yourself into self-rejection.

3. Silence and time.

The truth is, problems aren’t
solved with more thinking, they’re
solved with less.

You’ll find most of the answers you’re
looking for in silence, in timeband
with a clear mind.

If you are unable to solve a problem, please stop trying it.

Silence and smile is the best answer of most of questions.

4. An important question.

When you start criticising yourself
for your past mistakes, or seeing disaster
around every corner, ask yourself:

“Is there anything I can do right now
to change the past or to positively
influence the future.”

If the answer is yes, do it take action.
If the answer is no, be at peace let it go.

You have to take action or let it go,
everything else is self-harm.

Mistakes are normal, everyone makes mistake. Important part is to learn from mistakes.

5. The power of now.

You are not going to change your future for betterment by Overthinking

You are not going to change your past for betterment by Overthinking.

All you have is NOW.

And what you do with NOW can make
right of your past and make good of
your future.

Learn to live in present situation,
that is NOW

Make peace with yesterday, let go of
tomorrow, grab hold of now.

6. Fact check your own thoughts.

Your thoughts will create scenarios
in your mind that reflect your
insecurities, fears and worries.

So it’s important to always refresh,
fact-check your own thoughts before
accepting them, because in highly
emotional situations, your thoughts
will tell you stories that aren’t true.

Fact check yourself.

7. Acceptance is peace.

No amount of anxiety going to change your future, no amount of regret will change your past.

Peace is found in acceptance:

Accept imperfection.
• Accept uncertainty.
• Accept the uncontrollable.

You don’t have to understand, tolerate
or even forget something, but if you
want peace, you must accept it.

8. Health starts in your mind.

You can go to the gym, eat healthy food, do
yoga, drink water upto 3 to 4 ltrs and take vitamins, but if you don’t directly confront the negativity in your thoughts, you will never truly be ‘healthy’.

Our health isn’t measured on scales,
by the size of our muscles or by the
width of our waist.

True health is measured by the quality
of our thoughts and the peacefulness of
our mind. Health starts in your mind.

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