10 rules for a long and healthy life

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Every human wants to live a long life, healthy life and a happy life. If you want to become healthy and long-lived, then these ten rules must be understood.

healthy life
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  1. Sleep early in the night and get up early in the morning.
  2. After rubbing the body, take bath with fresh water.
  3. Wear thick and cotton clothes only. Synthetic clothing is not good for health.
  4. Quit tea-coffee, alcohol-kebab, smoking completely. Always avoid the problem of paan-masala. It weakens the metal and contaminates the blood and gives rise to cancer, so discard it.
  5. Eat sattvik food and do it only twice a day. Do not eat more than once in a day and do not eat even after swallowing once in twenty four hours. Always keep the fourth part of the stomach empty.
  6. You should sleep for at least six hours to be healthy, not less or more than that. The old man should sleep for four and the worker only six to seven and a half hours.
  7. When you sleep, the windows of the room are open and there is no light.
  8. While sleeping at night, sleep with your head towards east or south direction. The person who sleeps with his head towards the west or north, there is a loss of vitality.
  9. Marry, but follow the rule of restraint, follow celibacy.
  10. Get rid of the work you do at least one day a week.

Scientists say that a person who always keeps doing the same work, fatigue or old age comes quickly.

These are some of the rules by which a person can remain healthy for a long time by adopting it in his life. Also, by adopting pranayama, meditation, etc., one can remain healthy for a long time.

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Remedy to eradicate discord, disease and weakness

The one who wants to eliminate discord in the house, disease or physical infirmity, he should repeat this line.

buddhiheen tanu jaanike, sumirau pavan-kumaar .
bal budhi bidya dehu mohin, harahu kales bikaar ..

Source – Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram

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