How does intelligence develop and perish?

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How does intelligence perish and how does it develop?

Students should understand this special, shouldn’t they?

How is intelligence destroyed?

Wisdom: Shoken Nasyati (sanskrit word) By remembering the things of the past, ‘It didn’t happen, it didn’t happen like this…’ By doing this, those who don’t worry, their intellect gets destroyed. And by doing this, I will become like this, I will become like this…’ This thinking does not destroy the intellect but confuses the intellect. and ‘Who am I? Who sees happiness and sorrow? Childhood has passed, yet who has not passed? Youth is changing, happiness and sorrow is changing, everything is changing, who am I to know this? Lord ! Tell me…’ This kind of contemplation, a little self-discovery, chanting the name of the Lord and reading the scriptures – this will increase the intellect in such a way that even the famous intelligent of the world will bow down at his feet.

4 ways to increase intelligence

1] Scripture reading

2] Bhagavannam-japa, Bhagvad-meditation

3] Visiting holy places like ashram etc.

4] Satsang- sannidhya of the great Brahmavetta

The intellect is developed by chanting, by meditating.

Why should you be sad about a little bit?

Who should be affected in a little bit of talk? ‘Found this, got that…’ So what is it?

To be more happy and sad is the work of the less intelligent. Just as a child has less intelligence, he becomes happy with a little bit of chocolate, a little thing, and becomes sad if a little thing is lost. When he grows up, then the chocolate of four annas comes, what if it is gone! Similarly, in the slightest convenience of the world, the intellect of the one who considers himself lucky is not developed and the one who considers you unlucky in the slightest loss, his intellect is killed. Hey ! It’s all a dream, it comes and goes. The intellect of the one who stays, who stays in that eternal element, develops wonderfully. Being equal in happiness and sorrow, in profit and loss, in honor and dishonor, then the intellect will remain situated in God and the intellect that is situated will become great.

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Source – Rishi Prasad Printed by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram.

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