Tulsi Pujan Diwas| Ayurvedic remedies to stay Healthy in Winter

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Tulsi Pujan Diwas – 25 December | Every Year celebrated to know the importance of tulsi in our life. It has huge potential in all round Development of Body.

1] Wash 25 grams of local black gram and drink 125 ml at night. Soak in water. Eat these grams by chewing them thoroughly in the morning, you can also eat raisins along with them. Mix two spoons of honey in gram water and drink it. The body becomes strong and powerful and the semen becomes strong.

2] Fry 50 grams of gum in ghee. Roast 50 grams each of carom seeds, black sesame seeds and peanuts separately and crush them all. Then mix this mixture and 50 grams of grated dry coconut (copra) in 750 grams of jaggery and keep it aside. Eat 50 grams of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach, chewing it thoroughly. After 1-2 hours, have a light, easily digestible meal. This strengthens the body and increases strength and semen. It is also beneficial in the problem of flatulence, polyuria and bed-wetting in children. – Lok Kalyan Setu – From December 2016

Tulsi Pujan Divas
Tulsi Pujan Divas | A Great Initiative started by Sant Shri Asharamji bapu

Importance and usefulness of Tulsi in life

It is mentioned in ‘Skanda Purana‘ (Ka.Khan.: 21.66): ‘Yamdoots can never come to the house where the Tulsi plant is present, planted or worshipped.’

Wherever tulsi is planted, there cannot be diseases because it destroys all the germs and viruses around it and provides pure air 24 hours a day. There is health there and also there are no snakes, scorpions, insects etc. In this way, a place as sacred as a pilgrimage is considered habitable after being safe in every way. One attains longevity there.

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Revered Bapuji says: ‘Tulsi is innocent. Visit it in the morning. Sit in front of it and take long breaths and exhale, your health will be good, asthma will go away or the chances of getting asthma will be reduced. The air coming after touching Tulsi increases the immunity power and keeps away all the diseases and harmful bacteria.

By planting Tulsi and watering it with milk one attains stable Lakshmi. Applying Tulsi soil tilak increases the radiance.

Tulsi is prohibited with milk, otherwise you can take it with everything like water, curd, food etc. Basil produces heat on Sunday, hence do not pluck or eat basil on Sunday. Basil leaves are not considered stale for 7 days.

The invention of science has succeeded in making it clear that it has the amazing ability to produce electrical energy and keep the electrical energy in the body alert. Take some basil juice and massage it like oil, then the electric current will flow well.
Source – Rishi Prasad, December 2016

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