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Deepawali : A Festival of Joy

Deepawali also famous as diwali.

Deepawali also famous as diwali, is one of the most important and biggest festivals of India. ‘Deepawali’ is the name only tells it’s a festival of deep. India is known for its cultures in the world. Every state in India has its own rituals behind diwali celebration.

Southern Indians celebrate as Lord Krishna defeated Demon Narakasura. The victory of lord Ram against the unrighteous Ravan. This festival symbolizes the spiritual victory of truth over false, good over evil, dharma over adharma and real over unreal. During this period this people’s mind is filled with joy and happiness. Now it has been celebrated all over the world.

There are mythological stories behind celebrating diwali. It is said that on the of diwali, Lord Ram the elder son of King Dasharath, his wife Maa Sita and his younger brother Laxman returned to ayodhya after the 14 years of exile and the people of Ayodhya welcomed him with joy and lightens the lamps ( in hindi ‘deepa’). Also we celebrate this day as New Year’s Day. From that day the traditions continue. And According to Hindu Calendar, the day we have been waiting for years has finally come on Kartik Purnima.

Before ten days or one week, we start cleaning our shops and houses. We believe , the goddess Lakshmi comes to our home. On this day the whole sky is shining. We decorate our home and shops with lightening bulbs, candles and Deepa. During this period, all the colleges and schools are closed. Elders in the home buy something on Diwali like utensils or electronic gadgets or vehicles. People greet each other and distribute sweets to relatives and neighbours. Elders give blessings to children. The children wear new clothes and enjoy fire crackers and young people make beautiful rangoli. On this day many crackers burst and make a very nice sight.

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Many types of dishes are made in homes, due to which the house becomes fragrant. And also we take different types of sweets. These would have been the best moments of life, we are the whole family together.

Deepawali – Sadhana to attain Lakshmi

A very simple and only three-day practice of attainment of Lakshmi: From the day of Deepawali to Bhai Dooj for three days, lighting a lamp with cow sandalwood incense in a clean room, wearing yellow clothes on the body, applying saffron tilak on the forehead, Chant two garlands of the following mantra daily in the morning with a rosary made of crystal beads.

Om namo bhagyalakshmiyi cha vid mahai. Ashtalakshmyai cha dhimahi. Tanno Lakshmi: Prachodayat.

It is not only a festival, it is a manifestation of the happiness of the people. You all can learn from this festival that just as a fraction of light dispels the utter darkness. In the same way, by increasing the light of good in our life, we should eliminate the evils of extreme darkness.

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