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Feel Pain, Understand Pain, Accept Pain

Feel Pain, Understand Pain, Accept Pain

Unless you experience pain deeply, you cannot understand the reality of this world.If you learn to survive in this world by using your pain as a weapon, then remember that no one is more dangerous than you. A person who has experienced a great deal of pain has a strong sense of empathy.

Pain comes in the life of all human beings and they also suffer from it but those who use this pain as their power to move ahead in life.Whatever they desire, they get it easily. Be it honor, respect, money etc.Whenever sorrow and pain come in a person’s life, he has two ways. Either he accepts this pain and moves forward in his life.

Or else he keeps crying about his sorrow and pain and keeps narrating it to the world, because of this his hope of moving forward will also gradually end. Always remember one thing, this thing will be useful to you throughout your life,The world rejects those who start crying due to small difficulties or pain, but those who remain happy no matter how big the difficulties is, the world supports them and stand strong with them.

That’s why no matter what the situation is, no matter how much pain there is, always keep smiling. This is the basic mantra to live a happy life.When you start understanding all these things well and adapt your life accordingly, then you will truly understand pain. And you will understand that sorrow, pain and problems are nothing, it is just an opportunity to move forward in life which you have got and move forward.

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Now think, if God does not give sorrow and pain in your life, will you ever try to move out of your comfort zone? Will you achieve your goal? You will sit trusting in fate, whatever is going to happen will happen. Humans are created to endure pain and suffering. This is the law of the world and it will continue like this, that is why whenever sadness or pain comes in your life, do not be sad, consider it as an opportunity to move forward.

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