What do you see as the essence of power?

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Essence of Power
Essence of Power

Power is a word which is complete in itself. It completely transforms whoever possesses it. Power is not something that you can achieve without hard work and difficulty. People spend their entire life trying to achieve this and some people achieve this at a young age and make themselves stand out.

It makes whoever possesses it feel superior. Understand it this way: There is a prince whose father has just died. Earlier the power was with his father but now when the prince becomes the king, the power will be transferred to him. And people will start treating him the same way they treated his father.

This is not a big thing which you cannot achieve even in day to day life, how do you stand out from others, how is your behavior, all these will become a necessity to achieve your power. How do you talk to people, what is your personality, how is your behavior, how much you talk, how much you listen to others, what are your goals, how do you treat people.


All these things are the first steps to gaining power which you have to learn to master.To master all these things, you will have to incorporate it in your behavior. All these things have to be included in the things of day to day life.When you master all these things then the second step will be that you will start implementing it in your behavior no matter what you say, one thing should be visible in your actions.

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Then the third step will be that you start understanding people’s behavior and their intentions, whether all the people around you are fake or trustworthy. Once you have the knowledge to judge people, trust that no one can benefit you, on the contrary, you can make them work for you, you can manipulate them or all this will be to your benefit.

In the end you have to see your own benefit first, with the support of people who are trustworthy you can reach the highest level or try every possible way to stop those who want to bring you down.Whatever you do, you will never win with your arguments, you will have to take action.Or do your work in such a secret manner that even your true friend will not know what is the reason for your action and will directly know from your success.

I believe mastering all the above mentioned things completely is the true means of achieving power.

| Attribute            | Relevance to Power   |
| Hard Work            | Essential for achieving and sustaining |
| Difficulties Overcome | Often encountered on the path to powrfulness |
| Personality          | Influences how one is perceived and subsequently, their authority |
| Listening Skills     | Important for understanding and leveraging situations |
| Speaking Skills      | Critical for persuasion and leadership      |
| Behavior             | Reflects and affects one's power dynamics   |
| Goals                | Direct one's quest for potentiality   |
| Understanding People | Key to navigating social structures and potential dynamics |
| Trustworthiness      | A necessary quality in allies for powerr consolidation |
| Actions              | Speak louder than words in the realm of power |

What do you see as the essence of power ?

written by – Amit Vikram

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