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What is Parents Worship Day? | Parents Worship Day

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Parents worship day is a great initiative started by Sant Shri Asharamji bapu for welfare of today’s society. As in today’s times we have lost our tradition of respecting our parents. They Plays a bigger role in every persons Life. This initiative brings the symbol of love and respect towards our parents.

Parents worship day
Parents worship day

How to celebrate Parents Worship Day

👉🏻 Make the parents sit on a clean and high seat.

👉🏻 Children apply kumkum tilak on the forehead of their parents.

👉🏻 After that offer flowers on the heads of the parents and garland them.

👉🏻 Parents also apply Tilak on the forehead of the children and put flowers on their heads. Then make the children wear the flower garland around your neck.

👉🏻 Children should perform aarti to their parents by lighting a lamp in a plate and make a firm resolve to serve their parents and teachers by awakening godly feelings in them.

👉🏻 Children should shower Akshat and flowers on the heads of their parents and parents and children.

👉🏻 After that, boys and girls should circumambulate their parents seven times.

👉🏻 Children should bow down to their parents and bow down and parents should caress their children with love. The children hugged their parents. Sons and daughters see the divine part in their parents and parents see the divine part in their children.

👉🏻 On this day boys and girls should make a sacred resolution: “I will respect my parents and teachers. It is my duty to follow His commandments which lead my life to the path of greatness and I will definitely fulfill it.

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👉🏻 At this time, parents shower loving blessings on their children and make auspicious resolution for their happy life in the following way: “May there be an increase in enterprise, courage, patience, intelligence, strength and bravery in your life. May your life be filled with the fragrance of devotion to parents and Guru. May there be success in your work. You become Trilochan – with your outer eye the benevolent eye of the inner conscience is awakened. You become a man and success in every field kisses your feet.

👉🏻 Children should feed ‘sweet prasad’ to parents and parents should feed prasad to their children.

👉🏻 Child Ganeshji’s circumambulation of earth, devotee Pundalik’s mother-father devotion, Shravan Kumar‘s mother-father devotion – read these stories or one person narrates the story and others listen.

👉🏻 Parents, ‘Bal Sanskar‘, ‘Divine Prerna-Prakash‘, ‘You smell like a rose’, ‘Sweet behavior’ – distribute these books according to your ability and read a little bit every day yourself and teach them to children. And take a resolution.

Make auspicious Resolution

Remind the children on 13th February and keep preparations. On the morning of February 14, make a resolution that ‘Today I will directly worship the Supreme God who is hidden inside my parents. All pilgrimage mother… The happiness of the mother, respect for the mother gives the fruit of the journey to all the pilgrimages.

Sarvadevmayah Pita… Respecting the father gives the result of worshiping all the gods. Today I will celebrate the day of worship of parents.’ Otherwise, he should pluck four flowers from his garden and come. There must be a lamp in the house. May you be Mother Goddess by applying tilak to your parents. Pitridevo Bhava. Whatever prayers and harmony arise in your mind, do it according to the words, or celebrate it according to the small book ‘maatr-pitr poojan divas’ ya ‘maan-baap ko bhoolana nahin’ published by the Ashram.

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Respect Parents

Everything else will be found but parents will not be found. The mother has given birth to us with a lot of pain and the father has brought us up, taught and educated us after suffering a lot and turning away from them, the young men and women give flowers to each other by saying ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’, one If you look at others from the point of view of work, there is a loss of life force, the heart and mind will become weak, the children will be weak.

When a young man goes to his girlfriend on February 14 with flowers, he insults his parents. On 14th February, don’t take flowers, but take your heart, take the material of worship and go to the feet of your mother and father, so that your inner heart-pilgrimage becomes pure. By this, the parents will be kind, but the conscience of the parents will also rain and the lives of boys and girls, boys and girls will be improved. – Respected Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu

Source – Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram


How Parents Worship Day is celebrated?

Every year on 14th of February, Parents Worship Day is celebrated. Children show love and respect to Parents And worship them.

Who started Parents Worship Day?

Parents Worship Day is a great initiative started by Sant Shri Asharamji bapu to revive the lost tradition for today’s generation to respect their Parents instead of Valentine’s day.

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