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Precious keys of a happy life

Precious keys of a happy life

For happiness-prosperity and love-growth

On Thursday, make the first roti with your hand, make a swastika sign on it with pure country ghee and feed it to the native cow by placing a little jaggery on it.  While feeding, chant ‘Om Gurudevaya Namah‘ mentally.  This will definitely bring happiness and prosperity in the family, as well as increase in the age of the husband and mutual love between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Retirement of doubtful nature

If the husband or wife has a suspicious nature, then apply peacock feathers in the bedroom in such a way that peacock feathers are visible while entering the room and while sleeping.  This will calm the suspicious nature to a great extent.

For a positive environment

If there is unnecessary opposition to the actions of the daughter-in-law in the in-laws, then the daughter-in-law should have a good attitude towards everyone and on every new moon, wipe the house with salt mixed water.  This will create a positive atmosphere in the house.

to remove the obstacles of the house

Light a lamp in the morning and put 2 unbroken cloves in it.  After that leave home.  Obstacles in work will be destroyed.
      Rishi Prasad – September 2022

If there is stiffness, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain etc…

(1) If the body is tight, there is more complaint of rheumatism, joint pain, knee pain etc., then keep 1 glass of lukewarm water at the time of meal.  Put 10-12 drops of ginger juice in it or add one-fourth gram (1 gram) of dry ginger powder.  Drink that water 2-3 sips in between meals.

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(2) Put 80 grams of garlic buds in 100 grams of castor oil and heat it.  If the buds get burnt, take off the oil and keep it.  Massaging the knees, joints with this is beneficial.

Source- Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram

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